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Watch Our New Video Series “Understanding Sensory Issues” Designed to help explain the effects and treatments for children who struggle with sensory issues
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Personalized Calendar: Create your baby's calendar of developmental activities through 15 months of age 3 of 7
Tummy time troubles? Watch one mom on the value of tummy time 4 of 7
The Experts at the Heart of Our Mission: The Pathways Awareness Medical Roundtable 5 of 7
Have questions? See our frequently asked questions or contact us with your concerns. 1.800.955.CHILD and 6 of 7
Meet Ryder: Watch Ryder play, grow, and learn as he organizes his sensory world in therapy. 7 of 7
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For Health Professionals

Tools, articles, and guidelines to utilize in service delivery to all infants and children.

For Parents

Tools and resources for your infant's/child's physical, sensory, and communication development

What's New at Pathways

If you or your organization could utilize a video on infant development, is donating VHS copies of our award-winning films! Learn More »